Problems with Benq DW1640


I have been trying to download BSKB for my new Benq DW1640, but when I attempt to open the zipped file, it wants to flash my NEC 3540 which is my second drive. And, I cannot choose the Benq drive, just the NEC is recognized for flashing the BSKB firmware.

Any thoughts???

Can anybody help???

Also, when I first installed the Benq DW1640, I ran it without Nero installed and it was a VERY fast reader. The only problem was that the disc would not stop spinning whenever there was a disc inserted - even if the disc was not being read. Now, after Nero was installed, the disc does not spin when it is not being read, but it reads MUCH slower. Any thoughts?? When I open Nero and try to configure the read speed, 16x is the highest speed I can choose, but the reviews show that it is capable of 48x read speeds. I am very confused. Does BSKB firmware and QSuite help increase the speed?

BSKB is an old firmware. There are newer ones, BSLB and the newest BSMB.

16x is for read/write on DVDs and 48x is for CDs.

Check to see if you have the microsoft burning program installed (look in add/remove programs) remove it if its there. Also check to see if you have DMA enable on your ide controller.

I do not have microsoft burning program installed. How do you check to see if DMA is enabled? Through Nero? Thanks for your reply.

Through Nero I have found that DMA is on. However, using Nero’s info tool, I can only choose my NEC drive which is the slave drive. For some reason, the Benq drive is not recognized using the info tool in Nero. What is going on???

Check to see that you have the jumpers set properly on the back of the dvd drive(s). If you want you can set them both to computer select, otherwise set the drive at the end of the cable as master and the other as slave.

Check to see if your motherboard bios is up to date.

To check for DMA in win xp, goto the control panel > system > Hardware > Device manager > IDE > secondary IDE.

the writer should be in UDMA2 mode