Problems with BENQ dw1620 DVD writer


Im trying to burn DVD with my new BENQ dw1620 dvd writer … but here is the problem :

  • I insert a CD/DVD (with content) and it read properly … i can install and do everything.

  • I insert a “blank” CD … it reads properly again, the normal dvd drive icon changes to disc icon (which shows the blank disc is inserted and is 700mb free space left)

  • But when I insert a “blank” DVD … it doesnt reads

Can anyone help me ?

Im on Windows XP pro (sp2)

Thanks in advance

PS. Is it a good choice buying a dw1620 ? … coz i see most of the people are using dw1640 here.

@ shockw4ve:

Welcome to CDFreaks!

Congrats on your Benq 1620. Though many people are snapping up 1640’s with the recent sale prices, there are plenty of 1620’s in use. Just check out the 1620 media threads, and you’ll see it getting updated daily.

As for ‘detection’ of the blank media, are you referring to Windows Explorer showing free space? Or, does it not detect it when you insert a blank DVD for burning in your burning program?

If it’s Windows Explorer, try seeing what happens in your burning software. If you get your compilation together and ready to burn it and it doesn’t detect the media, then that’s a different story.

What blank DVD’s are you using? Brand, +/-R, speed rating, Country of Manufacture? Do you have Nero, DVD Info Pro, or Nero InfoTool that can identify the media you insert?

Also, which firmware are you using on your Benq 1620?

Did you have burning software installed PRIOR to installing your Benq 1620? Sometimes, the burning software and burner ‘jive’ better when you install/re-install the burning app after installing your drive.

Hi ninbang,

Thanks for the welcome and reply :slight_smile:

I dont know how/why … but its working now :smiley:

Anyways i dint understood most of the questions u asked me … really … you all are masters in CD/DVD burning n stuff …

But thanks :smiley:

PS. I jst burnt a Sony optical DVD-R (4.7GB … 8x compatible) with 16x speed … is that fine ? … and can i get more speed thn 16 ? … or is it the max ? … thx :slight_smile:

Edit :

Btw … in MY COMPUTER … i have arranged icon by “free space” … so it shows me free space left in all drives (inlcuding dvd)

so here is when i insert a “Bland CD” … it shows 700mb total space and 700mb free : (e.g picture below … 1st Picture )

But here is when i insert a “Blank DVD” … it shows 0 bytes free and total size also 0. (e.g picture below … 2nd Picutre)

I know it still can burn properly… but i was wondering why it shows like that

Even if i insert a DVD with content … it shows 0 bytes … but when i enter inside the DVD … and right click->properties on the “files” it shows the correct size.

So thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Probably because you’re inserting a dvd-r, and XP burn engine only supports dvd+r…

wow … never knew there is a difference … i jst thought DVD-R (is jst a dash) … now i know its minus.

But still it burnt … but does that mean i can use it ? … or i should only use DVD+R

And thanks for the support and knowledge i got

You guruz own ^^

Of course you can use it. Just not with XP built in burning function. Which is pretty much useless anyway. You should have no problems reading it through explorer once it’s burned with a proper burning prog.

I completely agree.

shockw4ve: you should really be using good burning software like Nero, Roxio creator, or Sonic Recordnow Max.

Did your Benq 1620 come with a software disc? Buring software should be on there.

If not then you should really consider buying some software, Nero is highly recommended. A trial version of the software is located here:

I got a full version of NERO OEM along with the dvd writer :slight_smile:

And it burns perfectly !

I jst needed to know … can it burn faster thn 16x ? (which is my max)

It’s max 16x on DVD+R/-R. :wink:

Check out the full specifications for BenQ 1620.

Heh … never cared to read the specifications i got along

But Thx :slight_smile: --> cute smileys ^^