Problems with Benq 1620




The device is nearly 2 years old and has written 260 DVDs.
I use Verbatim (MCC 03RG20) cause they got a good reputation, Nero 7.5.7 and Windows XP SP2 writing at 8x speed.

I got three different Problems:

Sometimes the writer gets stuck while burning the leadin. If I cancel the burning, it is still recognized as blank media and can be rewritten.

Sometimes the writer needs long time to write the leadin und writes the rest only at 4x speed.

Sometimes the writing process works well, but the data comparison function in Nero fails at the beginning of the disc.

Newest orig. firmware is flashed.

Is this probably a media issue (but the jewel case-packs are bougt months between them) or is the writer going to writer-heaven?


BenQ DW1620 Pro performs best on DVD+R media. :slight_smile:

My drive (still alive after more then 400 burns) also had this kind of problems from time to time with Yuden TYG02 media. Using B7L9 “cleaning trick” cured this problems sometimes.

To play it safe I suggest you use DVD+R media booktyped to DVD-ROM. :wink: