Problems with banana dvd-r media

I should have known when i saw the discs

I purchased 50 dvd-r blanks from the local dodgy comptuer store today.

they were “banana” brand, previously the store have given me “maxdata” which burnt fine. this lot of discs fails in nero with an “illegal disc burn failed at 2.4x” error

this is using the nec 1300a with 1.08 firmware.

anyone had simular experiences ?


Hi and welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately, nobody can say much without knowing who made the discs. Try DVDInfo to identify the media maker and report back. Brands like that will use any and every media maker.

had a look at dvdinfo but i don’t like adware

Had a chat to the guy i purcahsed the discs off. the solution to the problem was to downgrade to firmware version 1.07


Try if you dont like adware

There’s no “adware” in DVDInfo, just a couple ads in the window.
There are other tools you can use too, but it’s highly recommended to get used to checking your media so you know what you’re dealing with. DVDInfo also gives you the ability to check your burned discs for problems, as does CDSpeed.