Problems with Bambi 2 backup

Hi I am wondering if anyone is having trouble with backing up Bambi 2 (R1)?
I currently use Anydvd and Clonedvd2

I have a Plextor 708A … When I put in the dvd and I have Anydvd on the dvd freezes up my whole computer.

Any help would be appreciated … this is first real problem I have had in a few years using these 2 programs!!

Do you have any other drives? Try the same with another DVD-Reader/Writer.
So when exactly does it freeze? When you insert the DVD or when AnyDVD has stopped de-protecting the DVD?

i just did bambi 2.dvd shrink and dvd dechrpter wont do i did it useing dvdfab express.for some reason the disney movies always give me trouble.

Try and use DVD Shrink, or DVD Fab, and NERO or something like that to burn it.

As soon as I put the dvd in the reader or the writer anydvd tries to read and locks up the computer same thing happens on my husbands if anydvd is turned on … the computer doesn’t even acknowledge there is a dvd in.

I did Bambi 2 with AnyDVD and DVDShrink but there was a slight skip in the middle of the movie, wasnt really bad but bad enough to be annoying

I did bambi with dvdfab and used nero to take the extras out… worked great. if you need help let me know.

I had trouble backing Bambi 2 up no matter what I tried, including all of the above. I finally tried something that worked for me - I told Alcohol 120% to make an image of the DVD, and ignore all read errors. I noticed many ‘sectors’ of the DVD that appeared to be bad, although when I finally burned the completed image back to a DVD-R, all was well including menus etc.