Problems with bad burns on my forth LiteOn drive... :<



I’m having a bit of HDD’s:

Primary IDE:
PM: WD 160GB (8MB/7200) - ATA100
PS: Seagete 250GB (8MB/7200) - ATA100

Secondary IDE:
SM: LiteOn 1653s - ATA66
SS: Seagete 200GB (8MB/7200) - ATA100

Also 2 SATA discs:
Seagete 250GB (8MB/7200) - ATA100
Seagete 200GB (8MB/7200) - ATA100

It’s powerd up on 420W Chieftec, and working on nForce2 chipset (newest drivers)
No water cooling, but I keep my comp. case opened.

I’m already having fourth LiteOn recorder (1653s) from my local store, and recently it started makeing bad burns (even on Verbatim discs - DVD+R 8x). I really don’t record much, 2-10 DVD’s evry month.
I already changed all IDE cables as so I replaced power supply recently (was 360W Feel).

I’m using CS0M bios now, but really no bios change made my problems dissapear in this or any of previous LiteOns.

Do you have any suggestions?
Maybie it’s something evry CD/DVD recorder user already know but I miss…