Problems with backuped dvd

About 50% of the backup dvd’s that I made are giving me some problems. When watching them sometimes they stop and/or stutter some. After about 30 seconds sometimes they start to play fine. I thought maybe it was the media, so I changed to a different media , but it did not help. I am using Dvd De-Crypter, Dvd2one, and burning with Primo Prassi. I’d appreciate any help or suggestions?

P3 2.5ghz
1024 Corsair memory
Asus P4PE
Toshiba SDR5002 DVD R-W

Check the enviroment of your burner, is it clean and lint free? Also
check the source disc for fingerprints,lint etc. In both of these instances,if crap is apparent in the source,that’s what your copy will look like. Good Luck,and lastly make perfectly sure Decrypter
is not receiving errors.

The media is fine. I also tried “memorex” and I still have the problem. De-Crypter, DvD2one, and Primo Prassi is not showing any errors. Maybe I should try burning with Nero? Damn, this suc…s, and not to even mention the cost of the media. Thanks for the reply, Im open to any suggestions. Oh, I asked Toshiba what media to use and their answer was to use any name brand at least 2x in speed. Maybe I should try DVDXcopy?

Have you tried different players?

Have you tried the new DVD Shrink???Maybe it can enable you to
get some ripping done…

like MACHINE said try other players.i have the same problem with my PHILLIPS standalone-stuttering,stopping and jumping.the other 2 players in my house-an LG and a CYBERHOME-play them back without any also doesn’t seem to make any difference what ever brand discs are used,it happens with the cheapest thro’ to the expensive or what burning software has been used.seems theres still some way to go to achieve full compatability.