Problems with backup of Splinter cell Chaos Theory. Starfuck¿?

hi, i’ve a problem with my bakup of splinter, the copy is correct, but everybody now that the problem is enter. people said to me use the starfuck program for playing…but i disable all cd and patch the blacklist and it doesn’t work??? Why?? can somebody help me?? Please, i use this method coz i don’t have ide usb 2.0.
Sorry for my english, i’m spanish.

What’s the problem?? Why don’t answer me??? Maybe you don’t understand my English???. Please, answer me!!! I want to play this game and i want to know if there are another method without USB 2.0

The USB 2.0 (maybe PCI-RAID) method is the only working solution!

You have to be patient and hopefully someone will answer your question. If you start demanding help no one will answer. I’m sorry i can’t help because i don’t own the game. Be patient though.

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