Problems with backup copies of most movies

Lately it seems like most all of the movies I backup, the BU copies have experienced temporary stoppages or skipping where it stops for awhile and then starts again skipping ahead. This used to be an occasional problem but lately has been happening more and more. Often times it seems like the the stoppages happen toward the latter part of the movie more than the beginning.
I am using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 and using TDK print-on capable 8x DVD’s. I have used these discs previously without problems.
I also have two friends who are experiencing similar problems. Any ideas?

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You are pretty short on information.
In order for someone to help you, you need to be more specific, such as:
1 What brand and model is your burner?
2 What firmware revision is installed on your burner?
3 What is the media code for the media you are using? (Most companies don’t make their own media. You can identify it with nero info tool or similar utility)
4 What revision of Clone and AnyDVD are you using? (give numbers)
5 What speed are you burning at?

Your problems are likely media related. The problems you have described are common at the outer edge of the disk. Verbatim, and Ty media are concidered among the best. However you can try slowing the burn speed of the media you are using and see if this helps. If you are burning at max, try slowing to 6X or 4X.

This is not an anydvd problem.

Such a question should be addressed in another more suitable forum. Please search these forums to find a more suitable forum in future.

Your problem is almost certainly disk related. The fact is that a lot of brand name companies shop around the disk manufacturers and simply label them with thier own brand. You cannot guarantee getting disk from the same manufacturer each time.

There is a good piece of freeware DVD Identifier (search the web) that helps you identify the manufacturer.

In the mean time, simply try another brand e.g. Verbatim, Sony etc.

Agree no anydvd thing here.
You can post the mid to see what for tdk branded media you’ve. Also if you can find Taiyo Yuden then i’d recommend these media to use.

Same thing happened to me until I shut off my screen saver and disabled my antivirus software temporarily.

Thanks I’ll try that.

get good media
defrag your hard drive
burn at lower speed = 4x
turn off all other programs esp anti-virus and other scanner type software and other memory hogs, do not even look at the monitor