Problems with backing up Warcraft III

Everything works fine up until I try to play/run map editor. I get a message that says insure the CD is in the drive.

I searched this forum alot and saw something about Securom… but everything else was just rocket science in my view.

My thing I used to back it up was Roxio CD 5 basic.

Try to explain it to me in the simplist and easiest way, for I will get confused ALOT!

Roxio CD 5 basic is the ONLY thing I have so if you include some other thing, please tell me how I get it.

I need serious help, and also I don’t have any more Blank CD’s left so try to do something about that.

Everything you all say is like German to me, I have no clue what Lite-On is, what CloneCD is, yes, I am that new.

Oh and another thing- It wont let me do the option “Hide CDR Media”.

Somehow… I think that is a problem.

I am using a CD-R, I already copied the files using Roxio on the CD, I have no other blank CD’s to use,

My CD-ROM Drive is called “MATSH(I)TA UJDA330”

Serious help needed for a serious newbie. Consider that this is my first day using a computer.

Hi, i can tell you step by step through ur email on what u need etc if you want my help send me an email to and i’ll help u asap :bigsmile:

I sent you an e-mail, and thanks alot for your time.

i will send u an email on how to burn cds within a few hours