Problems with backing up three films movieclone3

hi everyone

just joined this forum and finding it very good reading

my question i have is regarding three dvd’s i tried to make back ups of

the films in queston are

left behind

i am using movieclone3 and using dvd43

the three films in questions just will not copy
if i click the feature film only option after a little time it just freezes
and i have to reboot my pc
if i chose the whole disc option,the same happens again

it has only happened with these three discs and happens everytime,
every other dvd in my collection i have been able to back up,
but not these three.
the discs are NOT dirty as well

i have emailed movieclone3 twice but they never seem to reply to the email’s

would love to know what is causing this problem

thankyou in advance for any help anyone can offer

I suggest you get some software that works. AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2 for example, both available here:

thankyou tru