Problems with backing up HL2

I bought HL2 the other day and i want to try my new dvd burner out so thought i would back-up HL2. I followed the guide in guides section using alcohol. I then tried to use the twin creator(?) in a-ray… only to b presented with an issue… i came here and read that twin creator does’nt work on dvd’s… so i have half life 2 in mdf & mds files. But i dont know what to do from there. I originally tried burning them to dvd straight from the mdf/mds files but when i tried reinstalling the game it got half way thru and told me it couldnt find a certain file. I’m confused and dont know what to do… sorry bout the ramble… please help!

Hey there and welcome to CDFs!

Steam removed the protection check a long while ago there is no need to copy the Securom aswell. Just use DVD Decrypter in ISO read and write mode to back up your HL2 disk.


They removed the CD/DVD check entirely, so you don’t even need a backup. :smiley:

Also, if you want, Steam has a built-in backup thing. (Right-click > “Backup game files…”) on whatever game you want to back up in the “Play games” window.

How do get around the files you have to down load from them to make the game work?

cool…thank u for helping! :slight_smile:

Stoner Si

I think that the reason you are getting the missing file message is because you need to install counter strike at the same time as hl2. Stupid I know but this is a current bug in the installer.