Problems with b3jc


after updating from b3ic to b3jc or b3jcy i have loose the ability to right some cd-rw that works fine with b3ic!!! and the booktype setting is not working!!!

have anyone had this problem??
anyone can help me?

don’t have cd-rw so no comment there but booktype DVD+R to DVD-ROM always work for me with Booktype v8.3 both B3IC and B3JC


I seem to have more or less the same problem regarding CD-RW. My drive won’t even read the VERBATIM CD-RW, but works fine in my other drive.

Any comment?

I borrowed a Princo 4X CDRW from a friend and it read the disk with no problem, will try to erase it and burn something to see later on today and will post result.