Problems with Autoplay-Function


whenever I use the activated Autoplay-Function burning with Blindwrite, the result is that the copy doesn`t start from all my drives. I used Blindwrite 4.5.7.

So I wanna make a copy from MOHAA-Breakthrough (SD 2.9-protection) that is also running from my Toshiba 1502 DVDROM! Because I burn with a liteon writer, the written pattern 15fa is not readable with the Toshiba 1502.

What have I to do? Is it a Blacklisting problem and my version of Blindwrite too old?

I also have the problem that a copy of Securom V4.8x protected game doesnt start everytime from the Liteon 52246S burner with burned autoplay-function. Is this solved with Blindwrite 5 ??

Best regards