Problems with audio with dvd shrink



just downloaded shrink and tried copying the producers. everything when smooth. used nero to copy to disk. seemed to go smooth as well. problem is when i inserted disk into dvd player all i get is the video no audio. can anyone point me in the right direction.



what audio streams did you select to include in dvdshrink? is there DTS audio on the disc? do you have DTS audio capability on your playback device? if not, then you will not hear any audio.

have you tried using the audio button or cycling through the audio selections in the menu to make sure you have the correct audio stream selected?


im new to all this. not really sure what you mean. i returned the video but still have it on the hard drive


have you read the foum rules? there’s something that sounds not so legal about this…


the DVD has a few audio files/languages, what did you select?? If you select 5.1 DTS, then you must have 5.1 processor via digital output to hear the audio, otherwise you will hear no sound out of a 2 channel output RCA cable. And on play back part, make sure you click on audio and toggle with it on the remote control of your DVD player to see if there is any sound. Good luck


ok figured it out.