Problems with audio CD's using Sony DRU 810a

So i just got this new drive and started to burn audio cd’s on my old TDK cd’s and it would skip when i played them in my car. I went out and bought some newer memorex cd’s and it still does the same thing. ALthough when i play them in anyone else’s car or house cd player they work fine. Now the kicker is i’ve burned several cd’s on my old Iomega drive with both said brands of cd’s and they do not skip in my car nor anyone else’s. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is and why its only my car that has skipping after i got this new drive. Is there some sort of software issue? I have a 05 Pontiac GTO, it is imported directly from Austrailia and i don’t know if maybe there is some sort of write problem with my new drive and how the cd player is coded maybe? What gives any ideas?

any help guys?

Keeping the burn speed down to 16x will help to reduce jitter which is likely to be part of the problem.

One of the best CD-R media to use is Verbatim (Pastels & Super AZO), avoid Memorex like the plague.

WHy would keeping the speed down make it jitter like that. The only crazy thing is that its only jittering in my car. None the less TDK discs that i have burn only at 16 while the memorex are 40 they both still do it…

@05 GTO
TimC means the jitter that results from unaccurate laser power while writing to the recording layer of the disc, not the skipping when you play it.
a slow burn results in lower jitter. 24x is the max speed for audio cds, if you encounter problems playing them.
only use verbatim media, like TimC recommended. verbatim discs are the only ones i trust, even for dvds.
try a slower write speed like 16x or max 24x.
use the forum search for more information about jitter.