Problems with audio cd in car stereo

hey everyone…

ive got a ltr-32123s overclocked to 40125s (xsu1) and am having a little bit of trouble with audio cds. recently while i was cruising around in my car, i tried to play a recently burned audio cd in my car…of course, i burned it at 40x with nero. heres the problem:

the cd fails to load. it ejects either because it cant read or because something is messed up with my car stereo. the other thing bugging me is that other cds i havent had trouble with playing in my car now do the same thing (eject because they cant be read or the deck is messed up).

has anyone else had this problem with cds burned with an oc’ed 32123s?? any suggestions on what to do? dont know if specs will help, but heres what im running:

win xp pro w/ sp1
running @ 1 ghz
256mb sdram
ltr-32123s @ 40125s

thanks for any help. happy turkey day to everyone out there celebratin’.

Car stereos are known for being picky players. Try lowering the writing speed, try different media.