Problems with Audio & ACER 1832



arrg man, i just upgraded from my old scsi Yamaha 6x to a Toshiba/Acer combination… i got ripped on the dvd, but i got the 10x acer for 85 bucks retail >=-)… thank God for staples

anyways…i was burning an audio cd for a friend the otherday and i got the usual “burner doesnt support 0 seconds, please change” bullshit in nero, and i continued to burn as usual
on my yamaha it was fine, but on the new acer i get like a 1 second pause between tracks, this is very FUCKIN annoying on mix cds…

anyone have any suggestions? i have firmware 8cz and i refuse to change it unless someone has the same burner as me and confirms that it still burns sd2… i heard someone on an acer put a new firmware and oculdnt burn anything anymore… PLEASE help me out



Well I dont know what version of nero you are using. Say if you are using one of the new ones 5.5.X.X. Well these are fucked. Its not your hardware. I have had a burner for more than a year and was fine until nero 5518. I burned some mp3 comp… basically an audio cd. One of the songs was completely silent while another was recorded half. Try swtch to another soft. Also the burning media might not be good enough to do audio. Might have lots of errors. If these things are fine then start a process called debugging. This is where you try different settings and stuff to seperate your problem.


i dunno wtf is wrong, im pretty sure i was using the same version Nero that i had on my yamaha, but i really dont see why you “need hardware support” to do friggin 0 second tracks, espically when i had it set to DAO its friggin retarded

media is not a problem, i use verbatims and imation golds, they always work and i tried the cd out on the computer and the cd player… but what software should i try? i hear nero mix is comming out, but its by ahead so it might do the same bs again, any reccomendations?



Ok It might not be the brand of media but one of them might have fucked up so try another with the same audio collection. If you still have the problem then change to winOnCd3.8 or something. And if even this doesnt help, you know for sure its either your system or the burner itself.


any other software reccomendations? is feurio any good?