Problems with Aopen 1648/AAP Pro

since last week i have a new Aopen 1648/AAP Pro. It’s really nice. :slight_smile:
But today i saw that it can’t read SD2/3 CD’s (Fifa 2k5 and FM2k5 are not running :sad: )
In my old Liteon 167T both run.

Does anybody knows some reasons for this?


what firmware version is on your 1648? both of mine came with firmaware 1.00 which as I understand it had some bugs. the latest firmware for the pro version is 1.01 available from the aopen website.

it has the new 1.01 firmware. In at least 10 minutes i will test it with the liteone 167t. I think it’s not the Aopen, it’s windows.


It test it with the liteon an all seems to be fine. So what could it be?

are these original disc’s or “backups”? and was the lit on the drive you used to insstall the games? I have seen some games which will only play when the disk is in the drive that was used to install the game.

fifa is a original an FM and NFS are “backups”. FM was installed from the Aopen. The other were installed from a liteon 165h(this was busy-> 167t)Could it be that the reader to make the backup’s was the liteon 165h and that the Aopen has some problems with this?