Problems with anydvd v.

I have had problems with clone dvd2 and any dvd combo since I downloaded The program gets stuck at buffers and the whole computer gets stalled. I have to manually shut the computer down. This happens with encrypted and home movies also.

Have you tried uninstalling AnyDVD and then reinstalling it?

I have unistalled and re-installed twice now. I noticed a new version just came out. I’ll try that.

I just downloaded the latest, marked on the download page as - it is actually

(I had originally posted: I installed the update (to get rid of the new version reminder) - just rebooted to get another update message, but the latest version on the site now is - is bad?)

The latest version is It’s been there for a day. Click refresh at the download page. If that does not make it read then where are you trying to download it from? I mean post the link. - had to do a shift-refresh to get it to read as - either it was changed in the last hour or two or the expiration on the content was set for sometime in the future (wasn’t paying a lot of attention to this, working on web pages to try to sell my house - maybe it was reading from cache). The important thing is that the latest is available, but I’m a little disturbed that the updates to the history page didn’t load until I did shift-refresh on those-seems like those read from cache as well - if there was a critical bug I wouldn’t have caught it yet if I didn’t force a refresh…

Just a little glitch.

If you are using IE, history and “cashe” (MS calls it "Temporary Internet files) are two different things. Clearing history is only part of updating webpages.

Just go to Tools/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Files and in “Settings” click on “Every Visit To The Page” if you want a refreshed page each time you visit slysoft.

Thanks for the responses. I have unistalled and reinstalled both Any DVD and Clone DVD and the same problem keeps happening. Any suggestions?

Did you verify that your dvd burner is using DMA mode and not PIO mode? I can’t really think of what else could be causing your issue. If it were me I’d check DMA mode and if not I’d start looking at things like whether the cable is lose or some other whacked hardware problem. I’m honestly not sure.