Problems with AnyDVD and Nero Recode

I am have problems making a backup of “Hitch” using AnyDVD any version and Nero Recode any version, what happens is when i try to import the “Hitch” DVD into Nero Recode it hangs and Nero Recode stops responding and can’t analyze the disc.
I have noticed on the forum that alot of people are having problems making a backup of “Hitch” but if Nero Recode stops responding when i’m running AnyDVD then this must be a compatibility issue with with Nero Recode as i have seen a few posts regarding AnyDVD, Nero Recode and “Hitch”.

Is anyone else having problems backing up “Hitch” with AnyDVD, Nero Recode?

Welcome to the forum. We need more information about this issue. Please don’t say things like “any version” or “the latest” when asking for assistence. It makes it VERY difficult, if not impossible to know what the problem is. We need to know the exact version you are using of all software you’re having trouble with. In this case, the version of AnyDVD that you should be using is If you are NOT using that version, then you should head directly to the slysoft web site and download it. Problems with Hitch have been recently fixed by the excellent people at Slysoft. Recode shouldn’t have any issue as long as you are using AnyDVD

I have tried Nero Recode Versions, and and AnyDVD versions,,,, and a few more in all combinations and Nero Recode still stops respondimg when i try to import the “Hitch” DVD even if i try to import the movie only or the full DVD.
This only happens with “Hitch” but i can drag and drop the Video_TS folder within windows and it copies to my HDD ok, then i can use Nero Recode to shrink it and burn it to DVD.

See the Hitch thread, I posted on there a few days ago with the exact same issue, I used a trial of CloneDVD2 instead and it did the main movie in about 8 minutes! :slight_smile:

The solution though is to just copy the VideoTS folder from the Hitch original to your hard drive (with AnyDVD running) - then Nero Recode is quite happy to recode it for you from your hard drive, I tried this and it works fine.


@ d.chatten,

Below is a link to the “Hitch” Forum Posting that Forum Member Fedorov999 makes reference to in his above posting.

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Fascinating. I wonder why it’s doing that. Olli, any thoughts on that? I realize Recode isn’t your app, but, AnyDVD shouldn’t be showing this problem, no?

Well, it’s Recode showing a problem, not AnyDVD. :slight_smile:
Okay, stopping joking… sorry, I have no idea.

ROFL! Well, I had to ask. I use CloneDVD myself, so, um, not to be insensitive, but, whatever. :slight_smile: Buy CloneDVD or copy it to the hard drive first I guess. :slight_smile:

The thing is i bought AnyDVD because i thought that it worked with With Nero, and this has been true untill now, also i didn’t buy AnyDVD just to be told i should buy CloneDVD or to copy the movie to my HDD first. This is what it says about AnyDVD on the SlySoft website, “AnyDVD’s help copy tools like CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy, etc”, notice the “etc” at the end, so realy there shouldn’t be a problem and also the only DVD i’ve come across that i can’t backup is “Hitch” so AnyDVD can’t be doing it’s job properly with the “Hitch” DVD.

Well, if no one comes up with a solution here, your best bet is to request support from Slysoft directly. I really do hope you get this fixed. I was being a smart @$$ above, so, don’t take it the wrong way. I agree with you that it should work. Hopefully Slysoft or someone here has a better answer for you.

@ d.chatten,

I believe you do not fully understand your problem. Your problem has noting to do with the AnyDVD software program. Your problem is related to the Nero Recode software program. Please re-read Olli’s comments in posting #7 in this tread.

You need to be contacting Nero Recode Technical Support ( and request assistance from them.

Contacting SlySoft Technical Support is not going to fix a problem with the Nero Recode-Nero AG software program. Complaining to SlySoft Technical Support that something is wrong with the Nero AG Nero Recode software program frankly doesn’t make much sense.

If you closely review the recent postings in the “Hitch” thread will see that any problems associated with AnyDVD and “Hitch” have been corrected. Also if you re-read Forum Members Fedorov999 comments in posting #4 in this thread you will see that he had no problems copying “Hitch”.

I believe you are unjustly critical of the AnyDVD software program when in fact your complaint should be focused on the inability of the Nero Recode-Nero AG software program to function properly.

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You draw the wrong conclusion. If most other programs like CloneDVD or DVD2One do not have problems with this incorrectly mastered DVD, why blame AnyDVD that Nero Recode has problems?
Sometimes DVDs DO have mastering errors which prevents software to work properly. These errors are not related to a copy protection scheme.
This happened to CloneDVD as well, which needed to be updated for a workaround. I don’t think that AnyDVD can remove any possible mastering error the manufacturer accidently put there, although this would indeed be quite desirable (less work for me).

That’s a really good point and something I forgot about. DVD Shrink would also probably have this issue with DVD’s that have mastering errors. I somehow get the feeling Nero’s not going to fix the problem, though. I could be wrong, though. I do have one question though. Why does it make a difference if you copy it to the hard drive first? Should the transcoding software see the same file structure whether it’s getting it off the disc directly or from the hard drive? I guess that’s the part that led me to believe AnyDVD might have an issue. But clearly CloneDVD handles this…

I share this feeling, their interests are little different (Nero Digital).

It doesn’t, if you drag & drop in explorer. If you use CloneDVD to copy the files (using the 2nd button), they are always remuxed and recreated with a fresh, new and correct structure.

I was able to backup Hitch without a problem using AnyDVD and Nero Recode.

Have you tried playing the original DVD? You may have a bad disc.

BTW - I use Recode exclusively (with AnyDVD). I have nothing against CloneDVD - only that I already own Recode and never had a need to purchase another app.

I can also confirm that I backup up Hitch R2 using AnyDVD and Nero Recode 2. Actually at the time the way that version of AnyDVD removed the Sony protection CloneDVD2 did not like it (my prefered backup program) but Nero Recode worked.

So why is it that the only DVD i have problems with is “Hitch” because AnyDVD and Nero Recode work perfect together for all other DVD’s without a problem.
Also i’m not knocking AnyDVD i think it’s a brilliant piece of kit as i have used it for a good while now with Nero Recode without problems.
I would still like to know why i have this problem with the “Hitch” DVD if anyone can shed some light on the subject.

No ideas as others were able to copy Hitch with the AnyDVD + Nero Recode

But you wrote you could Drag and Drop the files to your HD with AnyDVD
and Windows Explorer = AnyDVD Works :slight_smile:

Maybe you have played with standard settings in Recode?
(But as I don’t have Recode I don’t know the possiblities you have there)

Have you tried to use Recode on the Hitch files that you copied to your harddrive? EDIT- I reread one of your posts and got the answer:

It does sound like you are blaming AnyDVD, because all of a sudden you can’t burn one disc. Make sure your disc is absolutely spotless. I burned one of these DVDs that appears to have mastering errors and did a quick wipe of the disc and it worked fine after that.

Generic reminder to all- When you install/reinstall AnyDVD (or CloneDVD) be sure to reboot your computer before using them.

@ d.chatten,

You ask a question and a Forum Member replied and give you an answer. Olli has once again provided you with an answer. Once again pleas re-read Olli’s comments in posting #12 in this thread. He answered your question what more do you want.

Your problem is with your particular copy of “Hitch”. Your particular copy of “Hitch” is a defective disk and it has Mastering Errors.

Suggest viewing a recent Forum posting concerning the “Mastering Errors” in the title “Beyond The Sea”. View Forum Member’s ricoman comments in posting #58 in the referenced thread when he doubted what Olli stated and that he had to go through 4 copies of Beyond The Sea before he found a copy that did not have “Mastering Errors”.

You can check your particular copy of “Hitch” for Mastering Errors by running your the suspect copy of “Hitch” through Nero CD-DVD Speed and check for errors just like Forum Member’s ricoman did with his defective copy of “Beyond The Sea”.

I once again I have to state that you are unjustly blaming the AnyDVD software program for your problems copying “Hitch”. Your problem has ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with the AnyDVD software program. For proof of this fact in this thread three (3) different forum members Fedorov999 in thread # 4, Forum Member dewd2 in thread #15, and Forum Member abrown15 have all stated that they used AnyDVD and Nero Record to copy “Hitch” without any problems.

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