Problems with Anydvd 2.8.51

I have been using AnyDvd/Clonedvd2 for some time, with satisfactory results. However, recently I have experienced problems with several new titles. I am unable to complete the duplication due to the dreaded “Oh, No!” and an error message indicating an “invalid block start code”. This has happened on Half Light, The Gospel, and The Cave. I have tried each more than once with an invalid block in the same place each time.

I think is not handling some of the new releases. Anyone else noticed this?


I also have been using AnyDVD for sometime and have just upgraded to and I have had my first problem with ‘Rundown’. (made in 2003) The warning screen says that my combo drive (ROM) is a RPC II locked region and I assume the “Rundown” DVD is a region I.
Wonder if I could go back to the last version- never had any problem there.
I rebooted after the install, and the icon is active in the taskbar.
Any suggestions?

I am having trouble with “the Man” and “two for the money” - both are new releases…

yes i’ve noticed trouble with the cave. also zorro and stealth. all are sony pictures

I successfully copied the cave, and stealth with no problems (didn’t watch the cave yet). Zorro is burning as we speak.

There is an update to AnyDvd now Using 1click dvd copy there isn’t any problems with any of the titles mentioned now.