Problems with AnyDVD & 1Click Copy

Hi there,

I just updated my 1Click software to version today and updated my AnyDVD decrypter to version on Nov. 20th, and then the latest version today.

I now keep getting this error message when I try and copy various DVD’s:

Error 1: This DVD is encrypted. 1Click DVD Copy can not copy encrypted dvd movies. If you are using a decrypter, you may need to restart it before running 1Click DVD Copy.

I have absolutely no idea how to restart AnyDVD to get it to work and can’t figure out if the problem is 1Click or AnyDVD. What bugs me is that I’ve never had a problem with either program since I paid $ for them in August, and have been able to successfully copy just about any DVD until I updated the software (: Hmmm… guess I should have left well enough alone huh :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide…

Happened to me once , i just downloaded ANYDVD ( LATEST VERSION ) again and opened it and all was well . Must of missed something in the first download.

Just so you know, 1ClickDVDCopy is the most recent version, but if you have AnyDVD running while trying to copy with 1ClickDVDCopy, you shouldn’t have much if any trouble with backing up the movie in question, as AnyDVD is an extremely good program.

99.999999% of the “such and such a program has trouble with AnyDVD” threads on here can be at least temporarily worked around by simply ripping the disc to your hard drive BEFORE working on it. (Which, IMHO, is the far far better way to do things in the first place.)

Hope that helps.

Welcome to the forum!!! As already stated yuo should update 1Click dvd copy to the latest version which is #, then download anydvd again and load overtop of the version you have and all should be fine!

Let us know how you make out!

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: So I followed your advice as above and am still getting the same error message. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also received an application error message from 1Click which read:

Exception EReadError in Module 1ClickDVDCopy.exe at 0002043B. Error reading BtCol.Bitmaps.Error reading Tbitmap32Item.

I had not tried to use 1Click after updating to AnyDVD on Nov. 20th until yesterday. Before that everything was working fine. Even after updating AnyDVD to on the 23rd, which I assumed might fix the problem, I am convinced that 1Click is the problem here. Any ideas?

Do you have any other VSO products installed on your puter??? And when you downloaded the latest version did you also download the copytodvd se version as it is no longer needed with 1Click?

Well funny that you should ask whether I have any other VSO products installed on my computer, as I inadvertently downloaded CopytoDVD 3.1.2 last week. I unfortunately wasn’t able to uninstall it as it apparently didn’t come with an uninstaller which to me seems a bit strange…

When I purchased 1Click back in August, it also came with CopytoDVD SE I think as a bundle. So I had (or perhaps still do) two different versions of those programs on my computer although I didn’t want to start maunually deleting files I wasn’t sure should be deleted and then have even bigger problems.

In answer to your 2nd question, I guess I must have downloaded it again as it’s still on my desktop. I updated 1Click to version yesterday and am still having the same problems that I had with as well.

Btw, you said that the copytodvd se version is no longer needed. Can you pls. explain why that is? Thanks very much :wink:


Hi, is there anyone here that can possibly help me with my problem ???

This appears to be an 1Click DVD copy problem, not AnyDVD where you posted.

Try AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 and hopefully problems disapear. :slight_smile: