Problems With Anti-Skip Feature After Making Audio CDs



Does anyone else have this problem… when I make Audio CDs from .WAV files, the CD is created properly, and plays normally on MOST CD players, but if I turn on the Anti-Skip feature on my portable CD player, the CD will not play! If I turn it off, it will!! What the hell could the problem be?

Also, these CDs will not produce any sound under Win98. They will APPEAR to play, but no sound comes out… I am using Disc-At-Once with 0 sec between all tracks (except the first one, of course…). I never used to have this problem when I had a BTC 62ie CD-RW drive, but now that I have an Acer 6206A, I can’t seem to resolve it!

Anyone know anything about this?


try using different cds… that should work.


This calls for a ‘technical’ answer. :slight_smile:

Well, you first problem (about the skipping) is pretty easy to understand. The function you mention (anti-skipping feature) needs to ‘preread’ the CD for a few seconds. This is kind of a ‘buffer-memory’ against shocks.
Now the problem with CDR’s is, that the reflection of the laserbeam is only for about 80% compared to original silverdiscs. You see? This results in the probs you mention.

Second prob: do you have the same problem with original CD’s? The way it appears to me, there is something wrong with the connection between your CD-rom and soundboard. So try listening to the CD through headphones (connected to the frontpanel of your CD-rom)
If this works, you know that you have to check the connection to your soundboard.

Good luck!!


Hmm… you may be right about the first problem, to some extent… I’m using HP CD-Rs (which are not blue discs), but I’ve managed to reduce the problem somewhat since my last post. Here’s what I did…

After installing Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe, I tried Track-at-Once for audio CDs, rather than DAO. Now my portable CD player can play each individual track with Anti-Skip ON, but sometimes it has trouble smoothly progressing from the end of one track to another. i.e. it will start having problems with the 2-sec. gap between some tracks (but not others! Weird, huh?). The Catch-22 is that, if I don’t use TAO, the Anti-Skip won’t work at all, but if I do use TAO, I obviously can’t eliminate the 2-sec gap!!

Here’s what I’m thinking may be a solution;
that last TAO audio disc I made was done at 2x, directly from MP3 to CD (using EasyCD 4)… so, maybe if I convert them to WAV, and burn at 1x, the problem may be fixed. I don’t have any extra CD-Rs lying around at the moment, so I can’t try it right away, but what do you think…? Might that be a way to get around this?

Also, here’s another thing; when I use the exact same method, but with CD-RW discs, my portable CD player can read them flawlessly!
I know CD-RW media is higher quality, so I guess I should use Kodaks instead of HPs…