Problems with all my burners



Ok so I know that there has to be something wrong with my computer now with something.

I had a nice plextor 16x dvd burner that suddenly has gone kaput. It was having bad buffer underuns and fluctuations to the point where it wouldnt burn. So i took an older SONY DRU out of another computer and it didn’t work either.

So i thought maybe both had gone bad. So i bought a new NEC off of Newegg and i jsut finished installing. I go to do the first burn, and it makes my CPU run at 99% with no room for me to do anything else, and eventually the burn dies 20 percent in. This is getting ridiculous. I am about to just format my OS if this continues. I read somewhere before it has to do with maybe viruses or weird programs. But i haven’t been able to fix this problem yet and a burner making my cpu run at 100 percent constantly is just ridiculous. I’ve been able to burn on 2 burners at once while still doing many many things before. So there has to be something else wrong. IF anyone has any ideas PLEASSSE let me know! Thanks!