Problems with Alcohol129 and image files

I have tried everyhtign but Alcohol wont make a valid image file. Everytime i rip an image from the disk and double click it to play in the emulated drive i get an error stating image file not valid. THey burn to dvd fine but I cant play them back.

The images that were ripped from a -R play fine all the +R complain they arent valid. Any suggestions

Edit would this have anything to do with the book type. I noticed the -R’s dont have one and the +R’s are set to DVD-ROM

What settings are you using to make your image. Profile name, speed of rip. Are you using any emulation on the virtual drive?

imagen name is new, image format is mds and there isnt a profile name i think that is fo cd’s and i am trying to rip dvd’s, rip speed hasnt changed max 12* and emulation is set to default


Ignore media type is checked
Launch cd/dvd manage without ignor media type functon is checked

Looking at the Dvd-s all the -r’s rip, the +R that have a booktype set to DVD-ROM wont make image files