Problems with Alcohol v1.3.4 (build 1106) and Windows 2000

Ok for NOLF 2 i try to scan in the CD with the NEW (v4x) settings, and the cd gets to what seems like the end, and i get an error message, which exits Alcohol (and locks the cd drive until i restart)… i have done this about 3 times with the same results. Anyone else having these problems??

I also had this error with Broodwar for a while, but i clicked different check boxes… (dont remember which ones)


ok, i wanted to add that i still get the error with ver 1.3.5 (build 1112) and that my windows version was specifically Widows 2000 Professional 5.0 Service Pack 3 (Build 2198).

Is anyone getting the same problem?

I’m assuming that people are NOT getting this problem, so could one of you post the settings you use for NOLF 2?


ok i decided to just for the heck of it try to read in NOLF 2 with my 4 year old 32X CD-ROM drive… low and behold it read the disk in with no error messages (there was one read error at the end of the disk but it works… time from click play to get into game is aobut 8 seconds…

anyways i guess it must be my cdrw drive.

an interesting not is that my CD-ROM drive also ignores some copyright protections (no idea why)

if anyone knows the reason for my error with my Yamaha 2200E 20x10x40x drive post plz, otherwise i can always try the other drive


a bug in Win2K has been described in the Alcohol-Software beta forum - the next release should fix it.