Problems with "Akeelah And The Bee"

Tried copying this title with both latest versions of CloneDvd2 & AnyDVD.
Created an ISO file and burned to disk. No error’s displayed and the procedure completed without a hitch (as usual).
Problem occurs when trying playback. Every time playback is tried the movie will not play and locks up the player. I have tried playing with a couple of
different players and systems with the same results. Also tried a reburn with no luck. This is a brand new release and wonder if this might be the problem.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Can you post the AnyDVD info?

What media are you using-use dvd identifier to see media code???

Anydvd, Shrink, and dvd decrypter/imageburn main movie does the trick quite nicely.

Try to recopy the same this type using DVDShrink and Nero see what result are you going to get that way you can tell whether the problem comes from AnyDVD or not.

I tried using DVDShrink and DVD Decryter along with AnyDVD (newest version) and still get the same results. The movie will not play and locks up PowerDVD or any other player I try. I suspect AnyDVD does not work on this current release.

I would suspect something in your system, i.e., conflicts, etc., since AnyDVD works for me and others.

AnyDVD has worked for me also, until now, never had a problem whatsoever . It’s not my system as I’ve tried it on two different operating systems -same results.
Someone needs to try burning this particular movie and see if they get the same results as I did.
P.S. Burned other current releases before and after with no trouble. It just happens with this title. Now I’m just curious to know the answer. Thanks.

I had absolutely no issues ripping and burning this title using the current versions of AnyDVD and 1Click. Back-up copy worked fine.

I just backed this up the other day. If you have the latest updates I can assure you it is not the software. If it will not play on your software player I dont know.

I remember awhile ago a friend bought a retail copy of Doom and tried doing a backup copy with the same results as these. He took back his retail copy and the store exchanged it for a new one. Afterwards he tried doing another backup this time with success. Maybe thats whats going on with the disk I have. I’m going to try doing one more backup using 1click. If the same results happen again I’ll have to try something else or give up.

I just got done burning Akeelah and the bee and had no problems what so ever. Movie burned just like any other that i have done.

It has to be a defective disk. Just tried copying, again, using 1click and still getting the same results. I’ll exchange the disk tomorrow and see if that clears up the problem or not.
If it does I’ll have my answer as to why it wouldn’t copy. I’ll get back with the results later.

Try to clean this disc with little wet soft paper dry it then try again see that may work.

jarrettvii I am having the exact same problems as you mention here… I have copied this movie now 4 times and have used CloneDVD2, 1 Click with ANYDVD. It copies fine but wont play when you put it in player. I have AnyDVD and CloneDVD v2.8.9.5 but will look for updates… I will try with Shrink and DVDDecrypter and see what happens and if that fails, I will also get the disc exchanged and see if that helps…


I found an update for CloneDVD to update to version … I will try it with this version and see if the results are the same.


Well… Updated to and tried again… The movie copied like it should with no problems… But I still get black screen and wont play in the dvd player… This is 5 times now with same results… Not sure if I should try Shrink and DVDDecrypter or if I should just get a replacement movie to try…

I think I will try the movie and then use Shrink on it and see if that helps.


Just tried with Shrink and DVDDecrypter and got same results yet again… So I think my only option left is to get a different copy of the movie and try again…

jarrettvii, post how you make out.


I exchanged my disk this afternoon but think I’m still going to have problems with it. I put the new orginal disk in my system playing it with PowerDVD and it plays fine just like the previous one did. However, just like with the previous disk, when trying to use the slider bar on the PowerDVD player it does not work. Everything else works except that function. Tried “The Sentinel” using the same method and had no problems whatsoever. I really believe now that there is something going on with the way this movie’s been formated. I will however give the backup one more shot. It would be nice if someone could find a solution for this problem. I’ll let you know how my latest attempt turns out.

Justbrowzing & Jarrettvii -

If you believe that there is something is ‘unusual’ with Akeelah And The Bee suggest sending the .IFO files to Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft so that they can do an analyst. If the find something peculiar they will issue an update improvement.

The below Forum posting details how to send the .IFO files to Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft