Problems with akai MP3 player

Hi, just bought an Akai MP3 player (256MB) called I-Kizz (MP5756).
It has 2 demo songs recorded on it, which can be played with no problems.
When trying to record new files:
1.- USB cable gets WARM (almost hot!). Despite this fact, if you turn the MP3 on, it seems not to be affected by this situation, but no file transfer occurs.
2.- Device is not recognized by Win XP.
3.- Instructions leaflet does not match actual operating steps of the device :a
4.- Provided CD does not run.
Can anyone help me please??? :bow:

The cable itself gets warm? :o :eek: That’s pretty strange. I suggest you try swapping with another cable and it the other cable does not get warm then you clearly have a problem on your hands.

As to 2-4, probably this player is not so well designed.

Thanks for your reply!
I have considered the possibility of a short circuit in the USB cable or in the MP3 itself (???!!)
Good tip: I´ll try to get another cable to discard this issue.

Unfortunately I bought this MP3 in Germany on a trip 2 Wks ago … and I live in Argentina!
Main issue is that this model seems to be quite new: there is no info at all at Akai’s website … and this f.k…g guys did not respond my e-mail.
Have a nice weekend!


I have the same probs Neurodoc - can’t tell you anything to help - YET - but just to let you know there are at least two of us on it now and maybe… xx

It’s beyong me why people insist on buying crappy MP3 players when the pricing on Creative, iRiver, MPIO, RCA, etc. mp3 players are perfectly reasonable.

Hi Lorraine, I just got the customer service contact adress of the store where I purchased it. I´m sending them a mail complaining about this issues.
It will be of great help for both of us if you also sent them a mail:
My private adress is:

Quite simple … AKAI once was a very well known manufacturer of electronics. I have no idea of which are good and which not … my unexperience made made me do the wrong choice

E-mail sent Neuroodoc, I’ll let you know if I receive any response x,
in response to your comment NRen2k5 thank you so much for your helpful input to our predicament - retrospective sanctimony is something we could well do without - as Neurodoc has stated Akai (for the electronics novice, that we so blatently are!!) is a name that one would assume is to be trusted and large enough to, perhaps assume ( again in our naivety it seems) that they might respond to Customer problems? Anyway lesson learnt will let you know if Akai redeem thenselves x