Problems with Ahead InCD 3.37

After installing my Lite-On 52-24-52 writer, i also “had” to install Ahead InCD (ver. 3.37) to make use of the MT. Rainier capabilities of the writer.
Since then, when I do a “Restart” in Windows XP SP1, the system doesn’t do a restart, just a powerdown.
Even after uninstalling InCD the system will not restart anymore, just power down. Probably because the uninstall of InCD doesn’t delete all registry-keys.
Anyone has a solution to this problem? As I like to keep using InCD for its Mt. Rainier capabilities, but also want to be able to do just a restart of my pc.

InCD v3.37 has been a major problem in WinXP. InCD v3.31 is relatively stable and works well with WinXP, but I don’t know if the earlier version supports your writer.

If you want to try v3.31 it is not on Nero’s site, but you can still get it at

Yep I have encounterd problems with 3.37 and windows xp.
I would use earlier versions and keep checking for a update.

Only last night I encoutered weird problems running InCD 3.37 on Windows XP - I was buring some files onto a CD-RW using Mt Rainier format. While copying files, I got a message saying the disc was full, when infact I had only copied about 400Mb of the available 500+Mb. But the properties tab for the CD told me that I had )Mb left on the disc.

I think I will backup using a regular non-packet writing burn.