Problems with a Toshiba

Here is the run down.

The dvd burner on my toshiba qosmio F15 went dead. On bootup, it would say “CD-ROM ERROR.” It says this regardless of whether or not the DVD drive is in the lap top or not. When the drive is in the computer, it gets power (u can eject and stuff). The laptop still boots up to windows, but the drive is not in My Computer.

I did some research and decided to replace it with an NEC Optiarc 5540A. I read many times that toshiba machines tend to be backwards, so you would have to flash the drive to be slave. I used the reverse ATA program from liggy and dee’s site to change the setting on my new drive.

The problem is, I still get the CD-ROM ERROR and the laptop does not recognize the drive. Now even my other laptop fails to recognize the drive because its now in slave mode.

Here are my questions.

Most people said they would get the IDE error when the drive was not recognized. However, I got a “CD-ROM ERROR.” If anyone is farmiliar with this, can you let me know if this is a hardware problem on the laptop?

Also, is there any way for me to change the drive back to master? None of my laptops can recognize it at this point…

Thank you

This might help, change your boot up order in your bois. dvd 1st, hdd 2nd. Then save and exit bois, this problem should be gone.

actually, it seems that I did not plug in the drive correctly. It is working fine now. Thanks for the help. Thread may be closed.