Problems with a Plextor PX712A

Hi Everyone
Since installing my Plextor DVD-RW I have had nothing but problems with the drive.

Firstly in my computer the drive is shown as

In addition the drive will not read CD’s or DVDs via the autoplay function, it just sits there with the light flashing and nothing happening. IN fact My computer is frozen as unresponding.

I have run Plextools professional and it recognises the drive as the PX712A.

The drive is installed on the second IDE connection as a MASTER, as recommended in the manual. Firmware is 1.05. The BIOS setting is recognising the DMA Mode 2. My system is running on XP SP2, on a Chaintech ZNF250 motherboard (NFORCE3).

ANy help would be appreciated, as I am unsure if it is soimething I have doen wrong or the drive needs RMAing.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ian,

Have you installed the nVidia IDE drivers for your system? If so, remove them and replace them with the default Microsoft IDE drivers. Let us know if it works.

Thanks G@M3FR3@K
The drivers are the standard MS installed ones (I believe) Is there a simple way to confirm this ? (I looked at the drivers and they are provided by MS not Nvidia)


You can check the properties of the IDE channels in your Device Manager. There should be a tab there called Drivers, this will show you which drivers are being used. It should of course say Microsoft. Anyway, if you’re already using the MS ones, it would be best to check your drive in another system. This way we can rule out if the problem is related to your drive or to your computer. If you do not have access to another computer you can also try the self-test function of your drive. This runs independently of your system. Read here on how to perform this test.

I find it strange that your drive is detected as a SMARTMEDIA drive. Did you buy a rebadged drive or a ‘real’ Plextor PX-712A? If you can, post your LOG-file of PlexTools here so we can take a look. Good luck and report back!