Problems with a plextor px-708a



hello all,

i recently (yesterday) bought a plextor px708a (u know the only 8x dvd burner in the world :D).

it’s a nice drive… atleast it looks nice however it lacks the functionality most dvd burners do have… completing a dvd burn.

now i have used 2 burning software to try and burn a video dvd. nero and dvddecryptor however everytime i burn start the burn it hangs at the leadin seemingly being busy for ages with the leadin even after 30 min it is still at 1 percent (these dvd-videos i burn are made of videofiles that are on my hd)

however if i try to burn a cd it does so (and very quick i might add :D) so i’m puzzled to what reason my dvd burner hangs at the beginning of burning a dvd.

the burner is in ultra dma mode. it is master of the secundary ide port and only device on the secundary ide. on the primary ide there are 2 hd. however i think this is not the problem as burning cd’s does work perfectly.

i havn’t set the region of the dvd drive yet but i don’t think this should be an issue for burning dvd’s however i might be wrong.

i tried plextor dvd+r 4x, media philips dvd+r 2.4, media and tdk amaray dvd+r media, (also the sony dvd-r but the drive didn’t even detected that kind of media let alone being able to burn on it)

does anyone know what the problem is??


I have the same issue…Does anyone know how to fix this?