Problems with a new LTR-48125W

my 48125W starts at 22x!!

I give up!

I can’t even burn without errors at 4X!!!

Doesn’t even pay to return the POS with shipping charges and a 20% restocking fee.

Are u using your liteon cdrw to check for errors if you do try on a regular cdrom/dvd drive i get errors too if I check it with my cdrw but if i put it in my liteon DVD then i get few or no errors!


If I CD Speed check it in my DVD/CD drive (NEC) I get few errors on it.

However, even though the CD part of the drive is rated at 40x it only reads at the DVD speed which is 8x.

I also use a program called CDCheck to check the files on the CD.

When I run it on my Lite-On the drive speeds up and almost stops when it gets to the errors. This goes on and on. On the DVD drive the speed stays constant around 10X. I guess it’s slower because of the read errors.

I guess what I should do is read the Lite-On discs with my DVD reader

Once on indonesian version of chip magazine i read: Do not burn unless you using microsoft drivers on your windows.

i have seen this kind error writing on my friend’s computers, also using via 4 in 1 and asus 20x. it never write without error, (back then i cheked them by binary compare) the solution i propossed to my friend that he should re install his windows and do not install via 4 in 1, using ms driver in compatibility mode, it may help.

other way is try to attach your drive to other computer with different chipset you may surprise with the result!

It is seems like your motherboard fail to send the right data to the drive proofen by both cdr drive error (something with dma things i guess)

It’s a known fact that VIA and Intel drivers may cause big probs and slow your system down… You have an VIA/VIA mobo so you can’t run without the VIA IDE drivers?

Do you have a 40 wire cable or an 80 wire cable going to the LiteOn? If just 40, try an 80 wire cable and see what happens. I had difficulty reading and writing until I started using an 80 wire cable.

I also hooked up the drive to my Promise Ultra 100 controller which of course uses an 80 wire cable. I still got errors.

I wish I could try the drive in another machine but I don’t have access to another one.

I have a 40125S and also was having too many errors at any speed. Mine is manufactured in may’02. I had it OC to 48x. Tested with all the FW (in 40 and 48X) availables and nothing. So returned to the original (ZS0F) and uninstalled also the Intel Aplication Accelerator IAA). Nothing :frowning:
Last night I uninstall all burning SW (I had 3 at the same time: Nero, ECDC and CloneCD) and re-install Nero ONLY, and this seems to solve the problem. Until now I had burned 10 CDs (Ritek, TDK and Imation), at different speeds and get 0 errors on the Nero Speed Disk (Scan and quality check).
Can someone confirm if this corrects the problem :confused:
I have also a Intel MOBO, P4 @1.7 GHZ, 256 MB RIM, 2x40GB HD and 1 PIONEER 106 DVD. All with the latest firmware/bios/drivers.
Sorry my english. Fernando

You don’t mention your media, what is it?

rdgrimes said: “you don´t mention your media”.

I said: "now (after the uninstall - only Nero install) I had burned 10 CDs (Ritek, TDK and Imation), at different speeds and get 0 errors ":slight_smile:
The only ones that give me errors was some Philips Multispeed and some very cheap 40X no brand CDs.
My OS is WinXP Pro.

If you want better error rates, try some TY media, the LiteOns really love it. The Imation and TDK are probable the same CMC discs.

Yes I know.
But here in Argentina, I can´t get this brand.:frowning:

It’s a known fact that VIA and Intel drivers may cause big probs and slow your system down… You have an VIA/VIA mobo so you can’t run without the VIA IDE drivers?

Your comment got me to thinking, (dangerous). I needed to do a format and clean install on my main system, so I did a little test of busmaster drivers. Using the MS drivers, (Windows2000 SP3), with my 48125W as secondary master, 163D as secondary slave. On-the-fly CD copies are impossible beyond about 24x with the MS drivers, but with the current VIA busmaster driver I can copy on the fly at 48x.

I’m having the same problems as streetwolf. I’ve tried everything. I just remembered that the newest drives are made in China compared to the old ones that were made in Taiwan. Could it possibly be that the ones made in China are the ones with writing problems and the people having no problems writing at 0% error the ones made in Taiwan?

Mine is made in China Aug 2002. I’ve tried all of the FW for my 40125S, changed the cables (40/80 pin tried both), etc. Using Sony 32X and Fuji 24X. The funny thing is, everything I burn is fine and usually 0% error on the burner but when I put it in my Toshiba 1402 DVD or my Asus S500, I get tonnes of errors. Most comments I’ve read seem to say my liteon is a crappy reader and everything else is a better reader but that’s not what I’m getting.