Problems with a new LTR-48125W

I just installed a new LTR-48125W burner (48x12x48). Firmware is VS06.

Every single data CDR I have burned with it has errors according to Nero’s CD Speed program (v1.00). Both the CD Quality test and the Scandisc test come up with errors. Up to millions of errors on the quality test depending on the brand of CDR I use. The better the brand the fewer the errors, but errors just the same. The only speed I can burn at, with no errors, is 4X! I haven’t tried an audio CDR yet but it will probably have erros too.

It appears the data is OK on these discs according to a few dataverification programs I ran them through. However, depending on the number of errors, it can take what seems forever to read a disc. The drive spins fast then slows down to a crawl. This can go on and on.

I had a Yamaha drive before the Lite-On. It was a 21000EZ. I ran the Nero CD Speed program against the CDR’s I burned with it and they also had tons of errors on them. Does this imply that something other then my new drive is at fault? Or was the Yamaha drive faulty too?

I am running XP Pro. I have a VIA chipset with the latest drivers. I’ve tried all arrangements of master/slave, primary/secondary. I even ran off of my Promise Ultra100 controller with no luck.

Is my drive bad or am I missing something?


Which brands did you test?

There has been indeed a report that Plextor 40x produced tons of c2 errors on a VIA KT133A chipset only, but I can’t find an explanation for this.

Phillips, Memorex and Maxell Pro.

All rated to 40X. Burned at 40X and below.

The fewest errors were with the Maxell Pro.

Philips and Memorex can be CMC crap media. Maxell usually isn’t crap media, but I don’t know if the LiteOn likes them.
Can you try some TY?

Never heard of TY. Are they known under another name?

Do you really think it’s the media causing the problem?

Afterall I am getting millions of errors in some cases. Other people say they don’t get any errors at all.

The CDR’s seem to burn OK. The drive is on full blast and I burn a CD in about 2.5 minutes. No slowdowns when burning. Only when reading.

btw… I did flash the drive even before I started testing it. It came with VS04. I flashed to VS06. I should have tested it with VS04.

Search in the CD-RW media forum to find out which brands are TY (Taiyo Yuden).

I’m not sure if it is a media issue, but it’s easy to check…

I just burned an ISO file with a Maxell Pro CDR 40x at 40x with NEro 5.9.9…

I then checked it with CD Speed. I got millions of errors 1/4 of the way into it. There were so many errors that the drive seemed to actually stop for a second or two. The speed dropped to about 1X.

I also ran the disc through CDcheck and that also stops during the check. The data however appears to be OK.

Why is it that when I burn the CDR in the first place it goes along at full speed? No slowdowns at all? Aren’t the errors being produced and corrected at the time I am burning it? Shouldn’t the burn time and speed be affected by the errors?

Also when I CD Speed check the disc in my computer’s DVD/CD player I get maybe a 100 errors on the disc. The check always runs at 8x which is the DVD speed. The CD read speed is rated at 40x but I don’t understand why it only runs at a constant 8X.

There’s got to be another reason for the errors besides the media.

I posted my problem on a few other sites and a couple of people report the eaact same problem. They are at a loss to explain it too.

Can it be an IDE problem. DMA is enabled for the channel the drive is on. It’s Mode 1 in Device Manager.

Hi, i am not a expert on this but i have a Liteon 48/12/48 fw vs06 and have noticed similar results to yours, i have done a lot of messing about and have found that i can burn a audio cd @ 8 speed without any errors or damaged blocks and a data cd @ 10 speed again without errors and both using Ritek media that was rated at 24 write. I have tried Tdk 48 speed media writing at 48 speed, data cd and had 3 damaged blocks and one unreadable at the end of the cd. I live in the Uk and you cant get desent media to test the drive, i would like to think that with desent media (Ty) i could write a cd without errors or damage but i have my doubts, but i also have my doubts about the Cdspeed test also as i find if i do a scan on the same cd say five times the results can very by quite a lot, and i must admit to begin with i threw a lot of cd`s away cos i thought they were to bad (when i only scaned them once) spose i should have checked them more b4 chucking them. I think i will move to the States so i can get some good media.



The fewest errors were with the Maxell Pro

Many of the Maxell Pro discs are made by TY. but you need to be going by the ATIP information as read by InfoTool or SmartBurn Media checker, the name on the label is meaningless. Also, burning media at it’s rated speed, (not smartburn speed), will greatly reduce read errors. Some of the Maxell Pro were 24x media re-rated to 40x.

How the heck do you override SMARTBURN?

I disabled it in NERO but it still burns at the max.

I want to burn my 40X discs at 24x but I can’t.

Do I have to buy 24x discs?

btw… My Maxell Pro 40x discs are made by TY according to the NERO InfoTool.

I burned a CUE/BIN on a 10x CDRW.

I ran it through CD Speed and now I got a whole ton of unrecoverable errors in addition to the million and million of recoverable errors!

The drive has to be bad, don’t you think?

You could still be dealing with poor media, but it does sound like the drive could have a problem. I would try the drive in another system if possible, also double-check your IDE cable and/or replace the cable.
I still think you are not properly setting the burn speed in Nero. When you open the burn dialogue, there will be a drop-down list of available burn speeds, you hit the drop-down arrow, select 24x then hit the write button. The “write CD” window opens and the burn stars, Nero will show the selected burn speed in the progress window.

I am selecting the burn speed like you said in NERO.

However I am pretty sure it is being burned at the highest speed SMARTBURN says it is even though NERO does show the speed I selected.

For example; I just picked up some 1x-24x Fuji 700MB CDR’s. The Smartburn info tool says they are TY. The max burn speed is given as 40X.

Even though I burned a 700MB+ ISO file set at 24X in NERO it took about 4m 20s to burn. This is definitely not 24X!!! I bet it is about 40X. The Fuji’s are better though. I only had about 6.5% errors on the ISO file I just burned.

I even disabled Smartburn in NERO but that didn’t help.

Why are all my CDR’s being burned at the highest speed. Why can’t I burn lower then the maximum Smartburn says I can???

You are mistaken. 24x will take about that amount of time, 32x will take about 3:45, 40x will be about 3:10-3:20 in Nero. I repeat, disabling SmartBurn will get you nothing. Those same 24x Fuji will burn at 32x on both my LiteOns, with no read errors showing. They do show some errors at 40x, but not many.
It appears that your burns are progressing at the correct speed, but if you want to display the actual write speed, follow the sticky thread in the burning software forum.

I guess I was wrong on the times. So it looks like I am burning at the speed I set in NERO.

I just burned the same ISO file at 24x and 16x. Both had millions of errors on them. Before I burned them I switched my IDE cables. The one the burner was on looked a little ragged.

I was surprised that after the cable switch I quality checked a CD I burned before which had a ton of errors on it and it came up clean! I thought I had the problem licked. Can you make any sense out of this ?

The only speed I burned at with no errors was 4X. What a waste!

A bad cable can produce read errors, even if the disc is good, because the data is screwed up on the way to the software. So your problems are solved?

My problem is still the same.

So far when I burn at 16x or above I get tons of errors.

I burned at 4x once with no errors. Haven’t tried anything in between yet.

A question 4 u. Why is it when I read a ‘bad’ disc (created with my Lite-On) on my DVD/CD drive do I get almost no errors? At this moment I am reading a CD on my DVD drive that showed millions of errors when I read it on the Lite-On. CD Speed shows 24 errors on the disc. The read is going along at 8x.
I don’t understand why it isn’t higher since it’s CD reading speed is 40x.

Does it make sense that reading it with my DVD drive gets almost no errors compared to the Lite-On?

If you burn media that are designed for high speed (like 40X media) at low speed, you will damage the CD, cause it isn’t designed for laserenergy to be at thesame spot that long…

green/silver colored media should not be written using low speeds.

How can you qualify that when a 48X Liteon starts at 22X and doesnt hit 48X untill the end of the disc. All high speed burners start a lot slower than there fastest burn speed. So using your theory you cant burn any media at all.

By low speeds I mean 8x or lower.
You are right, but 48x burners start burning around 20x, and that’s qualified as a high speed…