Problems with a movie in 1click DVD!

Ok im stumped. I currently have the latest versions of Any DVD and ONe Click DVD, but when i try to back up my Resident Evil Apocalypse DVD it tells me

“The DVD contains bad sectors.This error is due to the protection scheme on the original DVD. 1click copy does not remove copyright protection.”

This is the only DVD that i can not back up, when i do all my other ones i am able to do them with no problem except this one. Any suggestions or reason on why i am getting this error. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in Advance!!1 :bow:

I’m assuming you mean that you have 1Click and AnyDVD You might try falling back to the 1Click combo which includes CopyToDVD 3.0.56. There seems to be alot of problems with the new version either not getting decrypted, or creating compressed files too large for the blank DVD…

Visit the 1Click user forums at and you’ll see all the posts about this.

I use both, AnyDVD and 1Click DVD Copy and they work well together for me, probably the quickest combination I’ve used.

Okay after alot of researching i was able to find out that certain dvd’s i.e resident evil apocalypse, bewitched, etc. have been a problem copying even with newest versions of software. I was able to come across a thread in the one click dvd forum that suggested to use vobblanker to decrypt the movie to the hard drive and then use ONe click to burn the movie. it definately worked like a charm. :clap: