Problems with a AOpen dux/1608/arr

ok i steal very new to all this but here it goes installed my AOpen dvd burner and wihen i clickl on my computer it says it’s a dvd burner but when ever i put a blank dvd in it it says it’s a cd burner?it wont let me burn anthing the burn button is grayed out and not secletable when ever i click on nero info tool and click on disc it says there is a audio disc in there but once again it’s a blank dvd(maxell dvd-r 8x 4.7 gb 2 hrs) when ever i click on test drive and click start i get a error message saying invalid packet size and if i click on disc info it says no disc inserted o driver not ready. now i know im comiing at yall with a full plate and any help would be great ive spent the last week tring to get this thing to work and no luck at all

i updated my drivers and my firmware and still got the problem

Make it the master/
use a 80 pin cable
setup in the bios
setup in device manager as UMDA and digital audio
flash bios
update at the windows update site
Flash drive with 080 FW from Aopen site!

Let us know when you get this done!