Problems with 7173A

Hi, i bought an NEC 7173A optiarc dvd writer a while ago and started noticing that when i burn dvds, i cant play them back. I burn a normal data dvd-r and when i insert the disc back into the drive after burning, the DVD-RAM sign in MY COMPUTER turns into CD-DRIVE and when i try to enter it, a message pops up saying “windows cannot enter it, the disk might be corrupted, or could be using a format not compatible with windows.”
However, the disc works fine in my brothers computer and on my laptop. weird thing is when i gave the disc to my friend he got the same problem. Could this be the dvd writer or my dvd-r brand? i didnt think it was the brand since it worked on my brothers computer and my laptop. However, old dvd discs that i burnt with my old dvd writer works fine in the drive and loads fine. its dvds that i burn with the new drive that dont run in the drive itself!
Also, when i had my old dvd writer in there, my StompRecordNowMax program detected both drives in my computer (i got a dvdwriter and a cdwriter), but now it only detects the cd writer and not the optiarc, is this cause of the program? old maybe?
I have Alcohol, Nero, StompRecordNow Max, DVD Decrypter and Daemon Tools installed. can anyone help please?

prolly the brand, Ive had issues like that before and it was due to cheapo dvds

hmmm ive used this brand for years now, its the Datasafe dvd-r discs, they are quite good brand and ive never had any problems with them.

Hmm i think its definitely something to do with the optiarc drive itself. i switched dvd writers with my brother and put my old writer in my computer and it works fine and the optiarc has the same problem in his computer. maybe its faulty?

It’s probably still the media. The old burner probably burns the media slower than the new Optiarc drive.
Crap media = crap results.

yeah the old burner does burn it slower cause the old burner only burns at 4x. but the thing is, when the optiarc drive burns the disc, the disc works fine in other computers and my laptop also, but the optiarc drive itself just doesnt recognise it.weird.

Nevertheless I would recommend to try out some other media (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, for example).
Datasafe is an E-net brand and E-net are known for switching suppliers and disc types/media codes from time to time. Yesterday’s Datasafe batches could be totally different from today’s batches.
With bad media all kinds of weird things can happen.

hmm i see, i always thought datasafe was a good brand for dvd-r’s. I’ll try some other brand. I know Verbatim CD’s are good (ive used them since forever) but never tried their dvds. ill give it a go.