Problems with 700MB CD music replay


I am used to burn original WAV music on 650MB CD-Rs. Lately, I made a bunch of 700MB CD-R’s, and found that I can’t replay them on two similar 3 years old JVC mini-stereo players. On other players, like Sony etc, no problems.
I had the same problem once with mini-CDs.
Is there a limitation to replay 700MB CD-Rs (or mini-CDs) on some types of stereo systems?

If it’s important, I am using HP RecordNow, as burning software.



I encountered Hi-Fis with problems playing or even recognising certain CD-Rs with audio tracks. I’d recommend trying a different 700MB CD-R brand, especially Memorex.

Some Hi-Fis, especially the older models have problems with certain CD-R dye’s, i.e. the coating used on the CD-R. Have a look at the recording side of the 650MB CDs that work and check its colour. If it’s a deep blue colour, then go for Metal AZO CDs, if it’s green/blue colour (very comon), go for standard 700MB CD-Rs or if it’s a shinny green/silver or yellow/silver colour, go far a CD that says ‘Silver’ on it. The ‘Silver’ type CDs are typically 700MB, generally work the best (better compatibility) and are much higher quality than the green/blue CD-Rs. The Green/blue CD-Rs tend to ‘go off’ after a few months and most of mines refuse to read after a year; even when carefully handled, i.e. no scratches or fingerprints.

Thanks Seanbyrne,

Maybe, but I am not sure. I tried many, including Memorex - no avail.

Thanks again, anyway.

Uri :slight_smile:

some of the lazer units on older stereos aren’t calibrated for the finer tracks in 700mb cds.
Playing with the BIAS and GAIN of the lazer unit might help you.

thanks - makes sense :bigsmile:

hehe BIAS and GAIN control the … voltage? well… power anyway of the lazer and the speed at which the spindle rotates i think.

It’s what we used to use on stubborn PSX’s to get them to work with copied games. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend playing with it if you don’t know what the small potentometers look like… they look like little screws on little boxes and they should be labelled but once again if don’t have a clue what you’re doing then don’t adjust the BIAS or GAIN… it can damage your lazer unit.

Righty, the other option is to use another media type. Try Princo - these are usually compatible media and will work with many stubborn drives that will otherwise say “no” to CD-R media.

Ohh and i can hardly forget the old PSX favourite of burn at the lowest possible speed. However, many burners nowadays produce bad burns at low speed due to their firmware. I suggest you use the same media and try at different burn speeds, and see if you get any different result.

Good Luck!


Don’t plan on opening the stereo and play with the damn pots etc - it’s atype of system that once you open it, be sure that you’re in for a lifetime problems with broken plastic parts etc.

The idea of trying various speeds sounds great and logical. Only my s/w (HP RecordNow) does not seem to have such a feature. Should find another burning s/w.

Will try and keep you posted.

Thanks again & bye :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Many audio players cannot track Cd’s with over 74 min of music on them. Keep your compilations to 74 min and you should be OK.