Problems with 451S- Help

I just installed this drive this morning. Set is as Master on Seondary. This is my setup.

Windows XP SP1 Pro
Prim-Master- WD 120 gb
Secon-Master- LDW-451S

Additional IDE card
Prim master-Lite on CD burner
Secon-Master Lite ON DVD rom

tried using different cables, known good cables, it hangs up on Windows XP screen with bar moving across and stops there.
Took it out of Seconday and move to IDE card as prim master then move to secon master. Same thing. Tried good cables as always. It does not want to boot. One thing i noticed is if i do it in safe mode. It hangs on mup.sys.

Any ideas?

Board: Abit KX7-333 latest bios
Athlon 2400 xp
1 gig pc2700
audigy 2
Radeon 9700 pro

Now if i dont add the DVD writer, it will boot to xp with no issues.

Did you move the jumper to cable select or master? I know I had some problems with my 811S when I first hooked it up because I forgot to move the jumper from slave to cable select. I had it in the master position on the cable and had problems since the jumper was still set to slave.

I have it on Master.

try moving the jumper setting to cable select. it worked for me.

Did that… Also used slave. Nothing. I guess i will be returning this drive tomorrow.