Problems with 24102B

I just bought the Liteon 24102B and I can’t get it to burn correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using the burner in a Pent 450 system with WindowsXP. When I use CloneCD to copy a cd, it gets to 2% and then gives me a write error. I put the TDK burner back in and it works perfectly. I also tried the Liteon on a AMD 1.4 running WindowsME and had the same problem. I have also tried the NERO software and doesn’t even start to write. Gives me a “unexpected error”. I tried flashing it with the latest version and it said I already had it.
By that way, I did try the Nero to burn some MP3’s I had on the hard drive and that worked, but I won’t let me copy a cd???:frowning:

What version of everything are you running?

What speed is you TDK driver?

I’m not sure what the version numbers are, but I did update both cloneCD and Nero with the latest versions and got the same results. The error I got with cloneCD was a media error. I tried two different brands of cd’s with the same results. When I put the TDK unit back it worked with the media I was using. Do you think I have a defective unit? Thanks

Havent had any problems with mine. I ran it on K6-2 350 and 500.
I have heard lots of problems with WindowsXP so I would upgrade to 2000 :slight_smile:

WindowsXP works great for some and hell for others. They still got many issues to iron out. There is even a well known and confirmed WinXP/VIA/NVidia problem.

Wouldnt trust that. If ya got A spear drive to setup Windows 98/2000 or even a friend running another OS then test on theres if they let ya.

If same problems are produced there than its likely that you may have a defective unit.

Never liked ME issues neather. They seem to get worst as they make new software :frowning: I think there rushing programmers to get the software out and making money to fast.