Problems with 1673S and MCC 16x media



This is a Verbatim -R, made in India, written at 16x with my 1673 (JS07). The KProbe result is quite good but the same disk scanned at 8x with my BenQ is orrible! (but also at 4x the result is very similar) :eek:


With a +R, made in Taiwan, both the results are orrible!
Possible I have two bad batch?


Here’s some TY media burned at 16x (Fuji from Best Buy).


what about other discs? MCC003?


Burn Time 8:31
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp DVD+R:MCC-003-000

When Scanned At 8x On My BenQ Dw1620 There Nasty Little Spikes
At The Start Of The Burn. (Not All Drives Report The Same Errors)