Problems with 165 and 411s! Help Help!

Hi, I have a problem with these 2 devices from lite on…
Win Xp shows the right name and model of both the devices, but kprobe and the new firmware of the 411s don’t recognize the devices, and the new firmware refuses to install itself… devices that the utility finds are “1.0.0” and “0.1.0” … the aspi were installed correctly… what could be the reason?

ps… sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Pota

Try each step then check it again before trying the next step.

  1. uninstall the IDE controller and reboot
  2. Turn off XP burning service
  3. Use forceASPI to remove ASPI and install 4.60
  4. uninstall any 3rd party IDE controller drivers and run only the default MS driver.

Thank you very much, i’ll try… I have a a7n8x deluxe by asus… the ide drives are the ones from asus…

i go to try…

thank you again, Pota

I did it, I changed the ide drivers with the ones previously released by asus and now it’s everything ok!!

Thank You very much!!