Problems with 1640G Recorder

Hello evryone:

I’ve just purchased a Philips 1640G and when I try to burn a DVD, my PC gets TOTALLY frozen.

First I tried with DVD decrypter: the pc hungs when writing lead-in.
But If I disable DMA, it works. I’ve installed the via 4in1 drivers, and I’m sure DMA is supported by the driver.

Then I tried to burn a CD using Nero, and it worked fine at 40x speed.

After that, I tried to make a copy of a movie with DVD shrink. The PC hung when the recording was almost finished,
at the writing lead-out stage (but the copy was OK).

The OS recognizes the driver as PBDV1640P, but the model is actually PBDV1640G (is an OEM version).

My configuration:
AMD 64 3000
ASUS A8V Deluxe
Windows 98
Primary IDE Master: HDD
Secondary IDE Master: PBDV1640P

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I forgot to mention the media: Verbatim+R 8x
And the firmware version P3.0

Dun use the VIA 4in1 driver…use windows IDE driver instead.

Win98 doesn’t have so good IDE drivers…
I have 4 burners connected to the same southbridge (almost same mobo, SK8V), no problems at all with latest VIA 4in1 drivers. It should be sg else.
In my opinion it’s a Win98<->I/O (maybe driver) issue.

So you think upgrading to windows 2000/XP could be the solution?

Your computer is certainly fast enough for XP. I’d say make the upgrade personally. Most of the new apps run better on it and it is more stable. :bigsmile:

I don’t want to install XP because I think it will slow down the system.
I’d rather move to windows 2000.

Anyway, do you think the firmware version could be the origin of the problem instead?

If you have more than 256 MB of physical RAM, WinXP will be fast. With 256 MB use Win2000 instead.
Upgrade FW for better media compatibility only, I don’t think it causes your problem.