Problems with 105



I’ve got a problem with the burn process on this 105.
I am using record now max, i dont have a dvd-rom so i use the copy option and pull it onto the hdd with the 105.
When it’s in i replace the film with a blank, at the moment i’m using Datawrite yellows, which are Ritek G04’S.
Normally it should take 15 or so minutes.
The problem is the writer stops during the burn, on average about 7 times, so from taking 15 mins it now takes 55 mins.
Also, when i check device manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers>Secondry IDE channel>properties>Advanced settings
It should be set to Ultra DMA…but it has changed to PIO??
Re-installing the Secondry IDE channel cures this.

My system specs are;

Win XP Pro sp1
Duron 800Mhz
80Gb Maxtor Diamond
512mb DDR PC2100
MSI GeForce4 MX440 tv-out
Asus A7N266VM
Lite-on 12x
Pioneer DVR 105

The Hdd is on Ide1 as master, on it’s own.
The Pioneer is on Ide2 set as CS,with the Lite-on 12x set as CS.
Now obviously it goes without saying that the CPU needs upgrading, but somehow i dont think thats where the problem lies.
I have tried using different media also, but this does not make any difference.
Whenever it’s done this, if i leave it alone and wait, the films are unwatchable.

If anyone could offer any help on this, i’d really appreciate it.
The coasters pile is growing, and at £1.30 per disc, i can’t really afford to make any more.

Thank you.

Come on fella’s, any help at all would be nice :slight_smile:


Datawrite yellows are not very good quality IMHO. This could be your problem.