Problems with 1 click dvd copy 5

I am EXTREMELY new at trying to copy downloaded tv shows. I am also using a new program “1 click dvd copy 5” so Im fairly certain the problem is me.
I have downloaded 4 seasons of my favorite show in hopes of burning them onto several dvds. When i try and load the avi files with 1 click… it cant seem to locate them. I can go to the folder but not open them up to pull anything out. To me it looks at those folders like they are empty. Do I need to convert them out of the avi format? Also is there a specific software used for putting together “season” shows that puts in menu’s and such? If so what would you recommend I use? Thanks for your help!:bow:

Where did you download them from… What format are they in…

1ClickDVD is for backing up your DVD movie collection; it will look for Video_TS folder.

You will need something like TMPEng DVD Author3 to use your AVI files and to create your own menus and such.