Problems wiring my SD and HD systems

You all have a nice Livingroom here! I’m jerry316 and I live in Northeast Ohio, U S of A. I wish all of you a good day.
I’m here in the hope that I can get a better handle on hooking up a dvd order.
I subscribe to DirectTV and have 3 SD and ! HD TVs. Right now I am focused on incorporating a dvd rder into one of the SD sets.
In one of the SD TV rooms I have a single coaxial cable that is hooked up to the HD TV. This cable can be split so that I can add a SD TV with a der to it via a splitter that is in the cable ahead of the HD TV receiver box. Before I do this I need to know if 1) the splitting of the coax will have an adverse affect on the HD TV reception and 2) if the dvd has its own tuner can it be hooked up without an asociated TV? By the way, I know that I will need another satellite receiver to use with the SD TV/recorder.



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I’m new
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Trying to copy proteced vhs to dvd on liteon 9016 combo recorder