Problems while doing image ilegal toc/dummy files please help if you can



Hi all
New to the board :slight_smile:

So heres my problem, used to copy cd/dvd to play games but now that i am a daddy im not into that anymore, now i buy my stuff hoping to teach my kid a good lesson

So i bought this educative program straight from a local author which is to help kids to learn to read and write faster, and the problem is this cd got illegal toc/dummy files, hence, its taking AGES to simple RUN.
I emailed the author and he said sorry thats the way it work and in older equipments nobody complain. I said “hey i’ve tested this in 4 different laptops and all the same” but he didnt care.

Anyway, id thought that by making a image of the cd i could use daemon tools and bypass this problem, however, this is not working either since the image is being a b*tch !!

Reason: I dont know, but somebody else had the same problem on this forum ages ago and i believe nobody could help him (exactly the same,insert cd, taking ages to load, like if the drive never stop working, etc).

So heres all the info, id hope somebody can give me a hand, in all honesty, im not piracing anything but just wanting my kid to use the program which it costed me us$150 bucks (and sadly the author doesnt really care if it runs properly or not).


Image goes smooth until 80% then i start getting this message x10000

Scanning for defective sectors
Recording dummy sectors 100000 to 110000

and so on, its a 80min cd by the way, any idea/help , id appreciate it :slight_smile:


I wonder why you need a copy of it to make it run??

Check out the copy protection subforums.


[QUOTE=chef;2515235]I wonder why you need a copy of it to make it run??

Check out the copy protection subforums.[/QUOTE]

Because it takes 10 min to load from cd, anyway i was able to make the image already, and mount it using clonecd and worked like a charm.

Took me 4 hours to make the image is it normal?