Problems when writing lead-in with dvd-r disks on BTC 1004

Can you please help me with my problem, to begin with I have a btc 1004 with firmware version 047, this problem still occured when I had firmware version 043.
Also I have windows XP and this problem happened with both Nero and
Alcohol 120% V 1.4.7 (Build 1005)

Now the problem,

I am using bulkpaq 4x gen 4 dvd-r disks, the MID code is PRINCO
The Firmware version 047 says it supports these disks. If I go into nero smart start and click copy disk it go’s into nero burning rom and I put in my ps2 dvd game that I want to backup. It does that o.k and after it’s done that the tray comes out it says insert blank dvd disk I put in the bulkpaq dvd-r disk it then starts to write the lead in but I sometimes doesn’t go past that, when it gets past that it is ok. The thing is this happens like 50:50 it sometimes happens and it sometimes doesn’t. The same thing happens with alcohol 120% V 1.4.7 (Build 1005).

Can you help me?
Is this the disks or is it the software. When it doesn’t go past the lead-in the disk is bust and I have to put in a new one.

So can anyone help?