Problems when using 48x Firmware on my LTR32125W



(I'm french, so sorry for my poor english :slight_smile: )

I have flashed my LTR32125W drive to 48125W, but i have a problem, with the VS02 and the VS04 firmware (the two i've tested) my burner can speed up than 32x !

It starts at approximately 20x speed but once 31,71x speed is reached he don't go up.

What did i've done wrong ?


Another question : where can I find different firmware (32x, 40x, 48x) in .bin format for testing my burner ?


1: Read my FAQ first where all your questions is answered.

to get 48X writing you must have media that the Lite-On supports writing at 48X.

Maybe download the lite-on media checker from under downloads utils. This tool will tell you which speeds your media support.

What about checking my firmware collection for bin files? Easy to se as a sticky thread.


Thanks !

But I have downloaded 32x firmware in bin, 40x firmware in bin and noone wants to be unzipped (or unrared lol), CRC Error !


for rar you need winrar 3.

The zip files should be ok:confused: